What Is an Instagram Reels Play Bonus and How Does It Work On?

Instagram has made some significant changes in the past few years. The platform that was once solely a photo-sharing service is now a hybrid between photo, video, and story sharing. And it’s this shift that has opened up new opportunities for brands and influencers to monetize their accounts. To help keep users interested, Instagram also offers a number of different monetization opportunities with new incentives being introduced on a regular basis. That includes the introduction of an Instagram Reels play bonus feature, which we’ll cover below. Read on for more information and to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity to increase your earnings through Instagram Reels play bonuses!

#1. What Is an Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

When you’re playing an Instagram Reels mini game, you’re really just playing a video reel game. In a video reel game, the user is prompted to select between two possible outcomes. The user can then win or lose based on this choice. In the case of Instagram Reels, the outcomes are coins instead of points. This way, Instagram is able to monetize the mini game without having to break any of their rules. But what if you could make even more by choosing the right coin outcome when playing Instagram Reels? That’s where the Instagram Reels play bonus comes in. When you’re playing a reel mini game, you’ll have the option of earning the base coin amount or the reel bonus amount. If you select the bonus, your earnings will increase. The amount of the bonus will vary depending on the brand offering it.

#2. How Does the Reels Play Bonus Work?

As we mentioned above, a reel bonus is different from the base coin amount in that you’ll get a higher payoff. The Instagram Reels play bonus works by factoring in the luck of the draw. Unlike the base coin amount, which is based on the amount of views your reel receives, the reel bonus earnings are determined by chance. As we mentioned above, the brands offering the Instagram Reels play bonus will determine the bonus amount. The amount you could win could be as high as 10X the base coin amount. For example, let’s say you select the bonus option when playing Instagram Reels, and your reel receives 100 views. If the bonus option is set at 5X, you’ll earn an additional 500 coins (5X the base coin amount). If the bonus option is set at 10X, you’ll earn an additional 1,000 coins.

#3. How to Get an Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

If you’re hoping to get an Instagram Reels play bonus, the first thing you need to do is find an Instagram account that offers the bonus. While this tool is still new and not every brand is offering it, it is expected that we’ll see more and more accounts offering the Instagram Reels play bonus in the coming months. An easy way to find a brand that offers the bonus is to use the hashtags #reelgames or #reelsgames. This will allow you to browse the live feed and see which brands are currently offering the bonus. Another way to find the reel games is to click on the Explore icon on the Instagram app, and then click on the Video Games icon. From there, you can select the Reel Games icon to see all of the brands currently offering the Reels play bonus.

#4. Which Brands Currently Offer an Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

At this time, we don’t have a definite list of brands that are offering the Instagram Reels play bonus. However, we’re seeing that the majority of brands that offer the option are predominantly gaming-related. In fact, gaming brands were among the first to offer the Reels play bonus. While we can’t say for certain which brands will be offering the Reels play bonus in the future, there are a few brands that we’ve seen offering this monetization option. These include: – – Jackbox Games – – Ludia – – MindX – – Pocket Gems – – Playtika – – Gram Games – – iWin – – Storm8 – – Big Fish Games – – Bally Wulff – – Big Fish Games – – Big Town Games – – Big Fish Casino – – Big Fish Slots – – DoubleDown – – DoubleU Casino – – Endorphina – – iSoftBet – – Iron Dog – – Iron Dog Studios – – NetEnt – – PariPlay – – Playtika – – Thunderkick – – WMS – – Yggdrasil –

#5. Important Notes About the Instagram Reels Play Bonus

Keep in mind that Instagram takes a cut of all ad revenue generated from their platform. While the exact amount of this cut has not been released, it is estimated that Instagram takes around 30% of ad revenue. When you factor that in, the Reels play bonus is really just an added incentive to play the reel mini games. While the reel mini games make for a fun diversion when you’re waiting for likes or comments, it’s not a good idea to rely on them for a significant portion of your earnings. Additionally, brands offering the Instagram Reels play bonus in no way have a commitment to continue offering it. They could end the feature at any time. As with any monetization opportunity on Instagram, you’ll want to create a plan and make sure you’re following all of the platform’s rules.

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#6. Is the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Worth It?

Instagram Reels play bonus is a fun tool that Instagram has introduced to help brands generate additional revenue. It’s also way for Instagram users to earn a little extra while engaging with the brands they follow. While the Reels play bonus can lead to some significant earnings for those who are able to successfully select the bonus option, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not a reliable source of income. If you’re hoping to make a serious profit from the Instagram Reels play bonus, you’ll want to make sure to select the bonus option as often as possible. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy the reel mini games and bonus features as a pastime. However, if you’re hoping to earn serious amount of cash from the Reels play bonus, you’ll want to make sure to select the bonus option as often as possible.

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