Instagram for Business: 8 Ways to Expand Your Audience

 Every single day, hundreds of millions of people use Instagram to share their photographs, videos, and stories. In this article, we’ll dig right into how you can use Instagram for your small business and demonstrate how to engage with customers there.

Consider your personal Instagram usage before using the platform for business.

You’re enjoying your carefully crafted feed as you browse Instagram. Your personal friends, content producers, adorable animals, and companies are all mixed.

Nobody compelled you to follow those business accounts. And you consciously decide to keep following them each time you see one of their posts or Instagram Stories.

Yet why?

Why should people keep coming back for more? That is the question you need to address for your potential consumers when using Instagram for business.

To assist you in promoting your company on Instagram, we’ve compiled our best business-related Instagram tips.

#1. Identify your purpose for using Instagram for business

It’s crucial to have objectives in mind when using any marketing channel. Instagram is no different. Before spending time or money on Instagram marketing, ask “What do we want to 

Common objectives for the Instagram company include:

  • increase brand awareness.
  • create a community;
  • Display the values and culture of the firm;
  • Promote your goods and services.

Set goals for yourself and keep an eye on them. Consider the written goals you’ve set as a codified gut check. Because you can always look back and make sure everything you share serves those goals, it pushes you and your team to be more deliberate with your Instagram content.

#2. Improve your profile

Consider your profile to be your Instagram homepage if you’re using it for business. To entice potential clients, you have 150 characters, one link, and a few action buttons, so make sure your profile stands out. 

Keep in mind the first switch to an Instagram business profile… You can grow your profile, monitor the effectiveness of your material, and sell on Instagram using the additional tools that business accounts offer.

write an excellent Instagram bio. Your profile ought to contain:

  • a brief explanation of your company’s activities;
  • Your sector (retail and wholesale, business services, restaurants, etc.);
  • a tone that reflects your brand’s personality;
  • contact details, such as a phone number, email address, and so forth; and
  • A link

Your bio is the only spot on the Instagram app where you can share a clickable link, making it prime real estate. To reflect the most recent content, you can either maintain a static link to your homepage or frequently update it. However, link-in-bio technologies like Buffer’s Start Page enable you to make better use of the link by transforming it into a collection of resources.

Additionally, Instagram business profiles have access to Action Buttons, which are additional clickable buttons for particular calls to action like “Book Now,” “Contact,” “View Shop,” and others. An excellent way to increase the number of links on your profile and make it simpler for your followers to communicate with you is by using action buttons.

Finally, remember to take your grid into account. When someone views your profile, they will see a grid of your most recent posts. To ensure that your grid constantly looks appealing, avoid sharing posts that are aesthetically similar back-to-back.

Use a recognizable profile image

It’s crucial when picking a profile photo that users of your Instagram account can recognize it right away. This involves selecting one of the following choices for the majority of businesses:

  • Logo
  • Logomark (the logo, minus any words)
  • Mascot

There is no right or wrong answer here, so don’t feel constrained to choose just one. Instead, consider what will help website visitors recognize your brand the fastest.

#3. Find your visual aesthetic

Instagram is a visual platform. However, what works for one company might not be appropriate for yours. Consider the aesthetic you want to convey on your company page, then create branding rules to ensure consistency.

Be mindful of your color scheme. Some of the most popular Instagram accounts frequently employ a limited color scheme for their images, which helps them to establish a distinctive aesthetic. For instance, Oneika Raymond prefers vivid colors with strong contrasts.

Considering the font you’re using and how it compares to the fonts on your website or other marketing materials is crucial if the text is a major component of your Instagram content.

#4. Post consistently

Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule makes it easier for you to appear in the timelines of your target audience. Instagram searches for content that is current and pertinent to each person’s interests to display the content they are most likely to love. 

The Instagram algorithm continuously analyses each user’s activity and adjusts their timeline as necessary using machine learning. People can’t like what they don’t see, so publishing frequently will increase your visibility in users’ feeds and increase the likelihood that they will interact with you. They’ll see your material on their Instagram feed more frequently the more they engage with it.

To ensure that your account never goes dark if you get busy, you may stay on top of your content by batch scheduling posts. Additionally, scheduling makes experimenting with publishing times simpler. There may be optimal times to post on Instagram, even though there isn’t a single finest moment to do it to reach the largest possible audience. Buffer allows you to schedule preferred time slots, so all you have to do is upload material to your queue and the posts will be scheduled to go live at the next available time window without further action from you. 

Then you may revisit to observe if posts scheduled for a certain time receive more engagement than others.

#5. Leverage hashtags to reach new audiences

On many social media platforms, hashtags are now a consistent technique to group information into categories. Instagram users can find content and accounts to follow by using hashtags.

Although many people save groups on their phones to copy and paste into each post before publishing, it can be challenging to arrange, group, and save hashtags. Customers of Buffer can create and save hashtag groups straight inside the Buffer composer by using the Hashtag Manager feature.

#6. Engage with your community

When using Instagram for business, you shouldn’t make your profile into an unending advertisement. You should become social because Instagram is a social networking site.

It’s crucial to reply to someone when they take the time to talk to you and to demonstrate that you’re paying attention. Building a vibrant community on Instagram can be accomplished through answering comments. You can reply to comments on Instagram posts immediately within the Buffer platform thanks to its interaction capabilities; there’s no need to type long responses on a small phone screen.

Additionally, engagement prompts are a fantastic method to promote conversation. Try out interactive Instagram Stories stickers like slider rankings, polls, and quizzes.

Keep in mind that your community is distinct, thus you must tailor your material to the preferences of your followers. To monitor what’s working, learn how to calculate and track your Instagram engagement rate.

#7. Try out different content types

Instagram is much more than a photo-sharing app. The site presently offers a large variety of content genres, such as:

  • Video
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • IGTV

And it’s crucial to offer a variety of content types if you want to broaden your audience and boost interaction on the site.

#8. Analyze your outcomes 

Examining your Instagram analytics regularly is one of the greatest Instagram for business suggestions we can offer you. You must keep track of how your content is doing if you want to grow your following on Instagram, maintain engagement with your audience, and market your brand.

Although it’s only available on mobile, Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, Instagram Insights, is a good place to start. Additionally, you’ll have to open up each post separately to check on important statistics like likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Utilize Instagram to its full potential for business.

Instagram is a powerful tool that can connect you with millions of potential customers. Building up a business account isn’t as simple as following a few popular brands. Use these tips to help you create an Instagram marketing strategy specific to your company. Get started with Buffer today and start managing everything from scheduling to reporting.

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