How to get 1k Real followers in 30 days

The key to following this approach to developing your Instagram profile in 30 days is consistency and effort.

The things ARE NOT necessary for you to follow:

  • Paid advertising
  • Pay to promote giveaways.
  • pay for a spot in follow loops

You don’t need these things right now, so I want you to forget that they exist.

Additionally, you do not need to have an established fan base.

I didn’t even inform my friends and family about my new Instagram account when I first began it, let alone have a blog!

Until I was prepared to share it, I wanted to keep it a secret.

Are you prepared to begin now? So let’s develop!

#1. Optimize Your Bio

Provide reasons for potential followers to follow you.

You must add value to your audience to spark their interest.

Value could be in the form of: 

  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Enjoyment

So why should Instagram users follow you? What is special about your account?

To give you an idea, I began blogging about it. 

#2. Create a strong profile photo

On Instagram, lighting is crucial, and white-themed feeds are still a stunning and well-liked option.

Choose a profile picture that appears professional, regardless of whether it was taken by a professional photographer or at the best time of day.

If you’re a blogger or an aspiring influencer, your photo should represent YOU, not just your brand.

#3. Lookup for Relevant Hashtags

Studying Instagram hashtag usage is comparable to learning blogging SEO.

If you utilize the appropriate hashtags, you can get your material highlighted in front of millions of people, opening the door to new followers.

Each post should contain 30 hashtags, which should go between the caption and the comments.

#4. Instagram Hashtags You Should Follow

There was no ability to follow hashtags like there is today when I raised my account to 1k Real followers Instagram in 30 days!

The information that appears when a user scrolls through their home feed is determined by the hashtags they follow.

To ensure that your content is pertinent to a potential user’s interests, make sure to follow your favorites and explore the content that appears in each hashtag before you submit.

They might even follow you if they enjoy what you have to offer.

Though you don’t have to pay for it, this is comparable to a promoted post.

#5. Post Once Or Twice Per Day.

Consistency is the key concept.

Whether it’s via posts, stories, or reels, people want to follow Instagram content providers who are active on the platform.

To maintain contact with your current followers, use tales.

Posts and reels are the best strategies for growth.

When I was building my account, I posted pictures and memes once a day at the best times.

Once they were active, I would interact with other relevant accounts and material for up to an hour.

No of the format, upload something of excellent quality at least once or twice daily!

To develop your Instagram profile, you must follow relevant accounts.

Before clicking the follow button, you only need to follow simple profile accounts and interact with them. View their profile and select a couple of their posts or reels to like and give insightful comments on. Two or three are ideal.

They will likely check you out once you engage and will appear two to six times in their activity notifications. What is the best case scenario? Smaller accounts will engage with you and follow you back, which will make it much simpler for you to quickly reach 1k Real followers.

This is an excellent approach to begin creating an Instagram friend network.

What is the ideal situation? Smaller accounts will engage with you and follow you back, which will make it much simpler to reach 1k Real followers more quickly.

This is a fantastic way to begin developing a network of Instagram friends who will interact with your photos and boost their visibility in other users’ home feeds and hashtags.

#7. Tag a Location, Feature Brands, and Accounts

It’s simple to get your profile in front of millions of people by tagging your location and accounts that might use your material. I prefer to set my location in a city so that locals can locate and follow me; I’ve discovered that anything more narrow or general diminished my impressions.

Browse through profiles that are similar to yours to find featured accounts. Visit the profiles of anyone who has tagged them by clicking on their photographs and see if they share your attitude. 

Brand accounts are easier to identify because they are more self-explanatorily. If you are wearing their clothing, visiting their store, or sharing on Instagram how their products have enhanced your life, tag them in the post!

Brands adore the attention and might even want to post your images on their website or Instagram account.

#8. Engage in daily activity for 30 to 60 minutes.

I continue to do this following each Instagram post!

Use the first 15 minutes after you post on Instagram to interact with recent posts in the hashtag search bar because they will have a huge impact on how well your post performs.

Look through a couple of the hashtags you included in your post, and then like and comment on the ones that stand out to you the most.

Then, interact with your home feed for a further five to ten minutes, once more liking and commenting on the posts you see.

When you’ve finished, visit the profiles of your friends to see if they’ve posted anything new, and you guessed it, like, comment, and even bookmark their most recent postings.

Ideally, I want to accomplish this before publishing so that I can focus on finding new prospective friends and followers, but sometimes life gets busy, and doing it afterward is perfectly OK too.

You can start expanding your business on Instagram right now if you put forth the effort, engage, and consistently post.

Are you prepared to go out and acquire 1k Real followers? You can certainly do it if I can!

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