8 Free Websites All Content Creators Should Know

I constantly need to be on the lookout for fresh and interesting ways to produce high-quality material because I’m a content creator.

It can be challenging to keep track of all the numerous websites that provide tutorials, how-tos, and other useful materials.

That’s why today we’re going to look at eight websites that content creators really must know about!

1. Answerthepublic (Content Ideas)

For content creators, Answerthepublic is a terrific resource. It provides you with a sense of the questions being posed on social media platforms and in online groups, enabling you to come up with ideas for subjects that your audience might be curious to learn more about.

You can enter a term or topic relating to the sector that your company serves on Answerthepublic, and it will return results with questions and keywords that are frequently asked about that subject.

It’s a great method to learn more about what people are looking for online and to discover ideas for future blog entries or social media posts on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter as well as the kinds of questions they’re asking.

To visit their website, go to answerthepublic.com.

2. Exploding Topics (Trending Topics)

Exploding Topics are the fulfillment of the content creator’s fantasy. Finding fresh topic ideas by looking at what others are searching for is the best method known to man. This program provides you with the raw data, free of any interpretation or outside bias. In addition, it offers advice on how to employ the most popular associated hashtags in your posts.

Anyone who wishes to stay current on the most important information in their sector should use this tool. It’s simple to understand trends across demographics and boundaries by looking at the top trending hashtags by nation. Finding information is now simpler than ever thanks to this website!

Exploding themes can be used in a variety of ways to your advantage as a Content Creator or Writer. Several instances could be:

-To generate post ideas, use the trendiest hashtags and keywords

-Discover what is being discussed in real-time.

-Find new audiences for your topic that you may not have known had an interest in it.

This website is free and simple to use, so there is no reason not to give it a try!

To visit their website, go to  explodingtopics.com

3. Headline Studio (Headline Grader)

Headline Studio is an online application that allows you to design eye-catching headlines for your content.

When you type in a headline, it will provide information on how frequently readers of articles with similar titles are connecting with them and their motivations.

When writing new blog entries, this can be a useful tool because it tells you whether your headline is compelling enough to draw readers in.

To visit their website, go to headlines.coschedule.com

4. Facebook Audience Insights (Audience Research)

When investigating their target market, content makers can use Facebook Audience Insights to their advantage. You can use it to learn more about the characteristics, pursuits, and conduct of your target market. This information aids in guiding the path of your material to ensure that it will strike the correct emotional chord with them.

Demographics and behaviors are the two key things you look at in Facebook Audience Insights. You may learn a lot about your target market in these two parts, including things like their age, place of residence, daily social media usage time, the devices they use to access it, etc.

The third part of Facebook Audience Insights, “Interests,” is also quite helpful. This information reveals your target market’s passions, pastimes, and pursuits. Using this knowledge, you may produce material for them that they genuinely want to read rather than subjects they might not be as interested in.

To visit their website, go to  facebook/audience-insights.com

5. Canva (Templates/Graphics)

Canva is a fantastic tool for producing photos for social media or blog posts. It’s the best tool for Content Creator, You may select from a huge selection of templates, modify your photographs, and add text boxes with a wide variety of fonts, colors, sizes, and styles.

Additionally, you can pick from hundreds of photos to use in your design. When you’re done, you can either share the image on social networking platforms that support image sharing or download it for free.

Anyone who produces online material needs images and graphics to go with it, therefore Canva is a terrific tool.

It includes templates for all content types, including resumes, social media visuals, and even blog pieces.

Basic usage is free, but premium subscriptions are also offered if you want access to more features or various fonts.

Users can also make films from photographs using a tool provided by Canva by adding their text in the form of captions.

To visit their website, go to: canva.com

6. Surfer Seo (SEO Ranking)

You may view any website’s SEO ranking using Surfer Seo. This tool is ideal for Content Creator who wishes to quickly and simply verify the search engine ranking of their websites and those of their rivals. This tool allows you to compare your website to others in a variety of categories, such as:

Potential Organic Search Ranking

Natural Search Results

Surfer Seo has a very user-friendly design and is free to use. It’s a terrific tool for anyone who wants to check their site score at any moment or conduct some fast competitor research.

To visit their website, go to https://surferseo.com/

7. Pexels (Images)

Pexels is an excellent resource for any content creator looking for high-quality images that can be utilized quickly and easily without worrying about permits or licensing, so you are free to use the photos as needed in your content development activities without any restrictions!

What do I like best about Pexels? There is no watermark on the photographs, and it is quite simple to use.

The main drawback is that Pexels does not allow you to delete persons from photos, and some of the images contain people in them.

Just type in your term to start downloading as many as you want!

To visit their website, go to: pexels.com

8. Ubersuggest (Keywords)

A tool for finding appropriate keywords for your content creation and development is called Ubersuggest. For whatever search phrase you enter, the tool displays the monthly search volume, CPC (cost per click), and level of competition. This can assist in determining whether or not it is worthwhile to create information about various themes.

Simply enter a keyword and click “Get Keywords” to utilize Ubersuggest. The keywords that are pertinent to your content can then be filtered.

To visit their website, go to: ubersuggest.com

Make Creating Your Content Creation Easy

Creating content can be difficult, but fortunately, there are lots of tools and resources available to help.

You should find plenty of inspiration from the eight websites I’ve included to launch your content marketing campaign.

These tools may make the process simpler whether you need infographic or blog post templates, leaving you with more time to focus on producing the actual content, which is what matters.

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