5 Ways to Generate Content Ideas Using AI Writing Tools

We all produce online material. Some of us just write emails, texts, or social media posts. Text that appears on our websites, in product descriptions, advertisements, and even customer support is written by some of us.

AI Writing software is one type of program that can create material for you. An AI-powered writing helper offers resources for creating articles, novels, blogs, and other sorts of content. The benefits of employing AI writing tools are numerous; these are just a few.

No, AI Software won’t steal your job. It helps you maximize your job. You can employ AI technology to streamline and boost productivity by incorporating writing software for artificial intelligence into your content creation process. If you’re asking, Why should I utilize the AI authoring tool.

What are the best AI writing tools?

The top artificial intelligence writing tools are listed below. I’ll give you an overview of each, highlighting its essential attributes, cost, and conclusion. It is totally up to you and your needs to determine which AI copywriting tool is ideal. I sincerely hope that this buying advice for AI authoring tools will be helpful!

#1.QuillBot: Excellent for Proofreading, Plagiarism Checking, and Citations

Among all available writing tools, QuillBot is one of the most complete. You shouldn’t pass up using this tool if you’re a student, or academic, or need to conduct research and produce citations.

It’s totally cost-free to use, and you can try it out without even making an account, which is fantastic. Without having to read any marketing text, you can just log in and start using the program.


  • Adapts content you paste into it by paraphrasing it to fit your needs.
  • Grammar Checker: This tool ensures that you sound formal and use correct grammar.
  • Plagiarism Checker – You can upload your file or paste the text you want to check.
  • Co-Writer is your AI writing partner that will help you come up with fresh concepts based on what you’ve already written.
  • I’ve been looking for a “summarizer” AI solution that will do the work for you! QuillBot’s summarizer does an excellent job.
  • Citation Generator: Assists you in keeping track of and properly citing your references.
  • Chrome add-on for the browser
  • Microsoft word extension

Bottom Line

QuillBot is one of the more flexible tools that offer you a lot of options for a very affordable price. Without worrying about needing to give your email, try out the free version. You should definitely check out this AI writing tool if you’re looking for assistance with academic writing. If you want a superior grammar checker, Quillbot is at least as good as Grammarly.

 To visit their website, go to Quillbot

#2. Surfer: Best SEO AI Writing tool

If you can only afford one tool, I recommend Surfer. It allows you to create SEO-friendly material, browse the web for content ideas, and quickly ascend to the top of search results.

One of my favourite features is that Surfer’s document editor allows you to copy text and paste it directly into your website’s content management system (CMS) without having to reformat it. Because they already have all of the HTML tags in their document editor, formatting is only required once.

It has evolved into a well-rounded choice since Surfer unveiled Surfy, its very own AI writing tool.


  • Content planner – organize your content and writing tools.
  • Make an AI outline with clear headings and paragraphs.
  • Write in accordance with the standards and solicit content recommendations from the content editor.
  • Audit – improve existing pages
  • Grow flow – boost your website with content improvement tips.
  • Surfer Academy – live and on-demand training Directory of SEO authors Keyword surfer – a browser extension that allows you to rapidly check keywords in Google Surfer
  • Free writing lesson for subscribers
  • Find the keywords that can help you rank in search engines.
  • The condition of natural language creation in content marketing is referred to as “content generation.”

Bottom Line

Consider Surfer if you’re a small business or a solopreneur looking for a solution that offers great value. It is a fantastic asset in your multimedia production pipeline because to its cutting-edge features and helper tools.

To visit their website, go to SurferSeo

#3.Grammarly: Best Grammar Assistant

Grammarly is revolutionary! It’s the artificial intelligence authoring tool you didn’t realize you needed. It’s a good AI software authoring tool because it doesn’t just focus on syntax. It also takes into account the overall tone and style to ensure that your work appeals to the intended audience.

I turned on the Grammarly app, a follow-you-around tool that reads whatever you write, to help me write clearly. This is similar to spell checking, but it applies to all of your typing. Furthermore, it is more advanced than spell check since, as previously stated, it analyses grammar, tone, and style.

If it bothers you, you may always copy and paste your writing into the Grammarly online tool, which will edit it for you.

Having said that, it IS an AI program, therefore you must use discretion when considering its recommendations. The suggestions are often excellent. The recommendations, on the other hand, can occasionally be a touch ludicrous.


  • Grammar checker – remove grammatical errors
  • Contextual spelling checker – verify your spelling in the proper context.
  • Punctuation correction – obtain assistance with all of your punctuation requirements.
  • Improve the overall tone and style of your work with these style ideas.
  • Integrates with a number of systems, including Google Docs.
  • Error
  • -No cost proofreading
  • Editor of long-form content

Bottom Line

Grammarly is distinct from the other AI writing tools on this list in that it functions as your personal checker. It follows you and corrects your grammar problems. It’s an excellent content quality analyzer for writers. However, I believe it is a must-have for anyone aspiring to write professionally. What do you think? That is most likely everyone who is reading this essay.

To visit their website, go to Grammerly

#4. Wordtune: Simple Tool for Paraphrasing

Wordtune provides a browser plugin as well as a long-form document editor to help you produce an appealing copy. It’s an excellent choice for AI book writing software for people who want to self-edit and write more clearly. Anyone who writes online should consider Wordtune because it integrates with a variety of tools.


  • Rewriting articles with artificial intelligence
  • Alter the tone of your content.
  • Increase or decrease the length of your content
  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Integration with Microsoft Word

Bottom Line

Wordtune is a free browser extension, so why not give it a try? It’s a fantastic choice for writers.

To visit their website, go to Wordtune

#5. WriteSonic: Budget-Friendly SEO Writer

An AI software authoring tool called WriteSonic can create original content depending on your choices and requirements. You can utilize the software’s pre-written content as an outline for your own writing, which is another helpful feature.

Additionally, it might aid content marketers in getting beyond writer’s block and connecting with their target market. The best option for authors who are having trouble coming up with new content ideas is WriteSonic.

It gives businesses the ability to create content that is incredibly engaging, unique, and intriguing and that can be shared on a variety of social media platforms. It is accessible to PC and Mac users and offers a free trial.


  • It produces top-notch marketing materials for your business in just a few minutes.
  • An automated blog post and an optimised article are created in a matter of seconds.
  • It generates high-quality content-related articles using an AI-powered article and blog writer to offer your writing the perfect tone, flow, structure, and voice.
  • With a few simple clicks, it develops impressive marketing text.

Bottom Line

WriteSonic is a copywriting tool that frees users from having to type out every single word as they write. The best feature of WriteSonic is its email builder, which instantly sends you an email with your content pre-written. It saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your profession.

It is incredibly simple to set up and utilise. The sole disadvantage is that it does not provide many features to free members, That means they cannot develop as much content as they would like before paying.

To visit their website, go to WriteSonic

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