100+ High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites (2023)

When you want to increase the number of backlinks to your website, blog commenting is crucial. They not only provide backlinks but also drive traffic to your website. As a result, you must concentrate on blog commenting on high DA websites if you want to increase your domain authority by obtaining backlinks.

You may get a list of the top blog commenting websites in this article.

A simple way to interact with readers and authoritative persons on a certain topic is through blog comments. Additionally, blog comments help redirect visitors from one page to another and obtain high-quality backlinks from websites with strong domain authority. Additionally, leaving comments on sites increases traffic, primarily because of the hyperlinks, and aids in self-promotion because search engines keep coming across your name.

How Can I Discover the Best Blogs for Commenting?

Find websites that are well-known in your industry. Additionally, the blog commenting page you should settle on ought to be an updated, reliable website with a sizable following.

Websites ought to have put a Top Commentator Dofollow widget on their pages. This application assists in keeping track of the remarks left on a website, tabulating the findings, and displaying the name receiving the most remarks. It would be ideal if the blog on which you want to leave a comment served as a meeting place for webmasters and other influential people in your industry.

What Are the Advantages of Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting fosters relations with individuals who have similar interests in the same field. However, a personal connection to those in the same field will pay off in the long term. Due to their familiarity, there is also a chance to request permission to post the guest blog on their website, which facilitates obtaining the necessary backlink.

We never know when, in a profession, this familiarity will be the deciding factor between success and failure. Making comments on websites also makes you and the website more visible to a large audience. Most likely, a reader of the blog will skim the comments.

It enables you to introduce yourself to readers as well as online blog owners. The most popular comments are frequently an essential component of the site. The audience is more likely to turn their heads towards you and pay the attention that you are longing for if you add value to the situation by pointing out any inaccuracies or including the most recent information.

Make an effort to remark wisely. The goal should be to continue helping individuals. No one likes being sold products, but they value services.

How to Comment on a Blog Without Being Rejected

First, choose the appropriate blog using the methods outlined above. For people to enjoy reading your comments, try to include something worthwhile. For instance, Try to be more intimate with your readers. Try using the email that is connected to your Gravatar account and contains your most recent photos. It will help to develop your presence in the minds of people. Additionally, it will make you appear credible, competent, and non-spammy in return. Don’t post any comments on websites. Make sure you only comment on websites that are relevant to your niche. You can influence people’s thoughts in this way, and they might decide to visit your website as a result.

Your website is mostly a shop. Only if you have traffic do you gain anything (customers). Therefore, it would be ideal if you didn’t miss any opportunities to drive traffic to your website. Additionally, you will primarily comment on popular websites with lots of previous comments. In conclusion, in that lengthy list, your analysis may get lost.

Therefore, to improve the lives of your people, you must be inventive and innovative. You should take the time to consider and do your research on these important aspects that are either not discussed or not fully explained. Don’t limit yourself to one comment. Make it a regular practice.

A List of 2022 Sites with High Domain Authority for Blog Comments

Let’s get to the list now. For simple filtering and sorting, we will list the website names and addresses based on the niche.

#1. Niche: Blogging

Bloggers’ Passion (Moz DA: 48)

Famous Blogger (Moz DA: 47)

Basic Blog Tips (Moz DA: 44)

BlogElina (Moz DA: 39)

All Blogging Tips (Moz DA: 38)

ComLuv (Moz DA: 38)

BlogHeist (Moz DA: 34)

HubsAdda (Moz DA: 30)

ProBlogger (Moz DA: 77)

ShoutMeLoud (Moz DA: 73)

Blogging Tips (Moz DA: 53)

#2. Niche: Books and Writing

A solid relationship with the bloggers in your sector is highly beneficial in the long term if you are an author who writes books or eBooks. It enables you to acquire popular bloggers that help with your marketing by reading and reviewing your book. The following websites are ones you should visit if you intend to comment on blogs:

Totally Booked Blog (Moz DA: 37)

Crime By The Book (Moz DA: 37)

Vicky Who Reads (Moz DA: 34)

Novel Knight (Moz DA: 34)

Drizzle and Hurricane (Moz DA: 33)

Paper Fury (Moz DA: 44)

The Book Wheel (Moz DA: 42)

Pop! Goes The Reader (Moz DA: 42)

Maryse’s Book Blog (Moz DA: 42)

#3. Niche: Content Marketing

Pages that use content marketing typically receive a lot of traffic, which benefits bloggers, business owners, and other marketers. The audience is eager to learn more and help marketers succeed with their efforts. You can certainly visit the aforementioned websites if you believe that you are the best person to improve people’s life.

If you are considering leaving a blog comment, these are the websites you should visit.

Smart Passive Income (Moz DA: 63)

Matthew Woodward (Moz DA: 51)

Niche Pursuits (Moz DA: 51)

Hellbound Bloggers (Moz DA: 45)

Elegant Themes (Moz DA: 88)

Yoast (Moz DA: 80)

CopyBlogger (Moz DA: 82)

ProBlogger (Moz DA: 77)

Backlinko (Moz DA: 64)

#4. Niche: Education

Assume you are a blogger in the education sector who is struggling to attract visitors to their website or is a newcomer to the sector. In that scenario, it is very advised to build up your relationships and backlinks and establish yourself as an authority in this field. However, Due to the intense competition in this market, new entrants have almost reached a red water barrier. Therefore, you must be patient, establish a rapport with them, and gain their trust.

The following websites are ones you should visit if you intend to comment on blogs:

BU Blogs (Moz DA: 89)

Julian C. Dunn (Moz DA: 87)

Oregon State University (Moz DA: 85)

IESE Blog Network (Moz DA: 71)

Blog@UWW (Moz DA: 62)

MySLC (Moz DA: 58)

My Carthage (Moz DA: 56)

EHS – EHS (Moz DA: 93)

The Writing Center (Moz DA: 92)

Sites at Penn State (Moz DA: 92)

#5. Niche: Entrepreneurship

Those who wish to become successful entrepreneurs frequently visit websites or blogs devoted to entrepreneurship. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you must first be familiar with the authorities in your field. Therefore, It will be able to work together to tackle immediate concerns, and it will be directed by others who share its values to address long-term problems.

The following websites are ones you should visit if you intend to comment on blogs:

Mixergy (Moz DA: 59)

Yaro (Moz DA: 54)

Noobpreneur (Moz DA: 54)

Natalie Sissons (Moz DA: 51)

Tropical MBA (Moz DA: 51)

Forward Cities (Moz DA: 49)

Young Up Starts (Moz DA: 49)

Mike (Moz DA: 49)

Dr. Jeff Cornwall (Moz DA: 48)

EPN (Moz DA: 47)

Female Entrepreneur Association (Moz DA: 47)

C Words Worth (Moz DA: 46)

Entrepreneur’s Source (Moz DA: 45)

THE (Moz DA: 45)

Lift Fund (Moz DA: 44)

The Founding Moms (Moz DA: 42)

She Owns It (Moz DA: 41)

Entrepreneurship Life (Moz DA: 41)

AWE (Moz DA: 40)

Startup Mindset (Moz DA: 40)

Think Entrepreneurship (Moz DA: 39)

Deborah (Moz DA: 36)

The Secrets of Entrepreneurship (Moz DA: 34)

Entrepreneur Resources (Moz DA: 33)

The Law Entrepreneur (Moz DA: 32)

Forbes (Moz DA: 95)

Fiverr Blog (Moz DA: 92)

Entrepreneur (Moz DA: 92)

Under30CEO (Moz DA: 68)

Entrepreneurs Organization (Moz DA: 68)

Brian Solis (Moz DA: 67)

#6. Niche: Health and Fitness

People are now prioritizing their health and fitness. Health is the new cool. The way people used to live has also changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is now more cautious and eager for an improvement in their health. People appear to be realizing that “Health is Wealth” now.

The following websites are ones you should visit if you intend to comment on blogs:

Fit Bottomed Girls (Moz DA: 63)

The Full Helping (Moz DA: 59)

The Master Cleanse (Moz DA: 55)

Aggie’s Kitchen (Moz DA: 54)

Hive Health Media (Moz DA: 49)

The Fit Foodie (Moz DA: 47)

Health Resource 4U (Moz DA: 38)

Indian Weight Loss Blog (Moz DA: 31)

Weight Loss Triumph (Moz DA: 30)

#7. Niche: Finance

A person is not taught how to be smart with school money. The readers rely on the bloggers to keep them informed and up-to-date on their financial education. If you want to blog about this topic, make sure your comments will improve people’s lives if you want to. Their trust in you would grow if you added value to their lives, which would generate leads for you.

The following websites are ones you should visit if you intend to comment on blogs:

Money Saving Mom (Moz DA: 65)

SeedTime Money (Moz DA: 61)

Modest Money Investing Blog (Moz DA: 56)

Man vs. Debt (Moz DA: 54)

Financial Highway (Moz DA: 51)

Safal Niveshak (Moz DA: 44)

OneMint (Moz DA: 39)

#8. Niche: Food 

Do you have a special recipe for food? Do you not experience heavy traffic? In addition Try leaving comments on several well-known websites if the answer is yes. Make your comments interesting before including the links to your website’s mouthwatering recipe page.

The following websites are ones you should visit if you intend to comment on blogs:

Balanced Bites (Moz DA: 55)

BentoLunch (Moz DA: 43)

Cybele Pascal (Moz DA: 38)

Rust Nutrition (Moz DA: 38)

A Girl Defloured (Moz DA: 36)

Diabetic Mediterranean Diet (Moz DA: 35)

AFH (Moz DA: 56)

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