Top Social Bookmarking Sites to Grow Your Brand

Business intelligence and Social Bookmarking Sites are similar to rock climbing in that you constantly search for handholds. To help you optimize your position in the market, it scans consumer, competitor, and market intelligence.

And let’s face it, sometimes it feels pointless to try to find whitespace in a popular market. But just because a highway looks busy doesn’t mean there are no other options. According to the classic Latin saying audiences Fortuna juvat, fortune prefers the strong.

From the perspective of brand expansion, that could seem excessive, but it’s not. To find new markets for your business, you must move outside of the same methods everyone else is utilizing. So, maybe on the social range – fortune favors the crafty. To achieve this, let’s examine the top social bookmarking sites for building your brand.

What is Social Bookmarking?

The technique of social bookmarking involves saving a particular web page to a social bookmarking network so you can return to it later. Users of social bookmarking websites can access their bookmarks online from any device and at any time. Because users can add, annotate, and share bookmarked web pages with their team, social bookmarking sites are helpful to marketers.

Bookmarks can be shared with particular groups, made private, or made public. Sites for social bookmarking can be utilized similarly to social search engines. Search and browsing are options to view popular and recently added web pages. It is simple to determine which articles are the most valuable thanks to user comments and voting for websites they prefer.

How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Curating Content

Curating material to share with your audience is one of your responsibilities as a marketer, especially on social media. For information and knowledge in your field, people turn to your brand. By saving online articles or resources on a social bookmarking website, you can ensure that you never run out of information to share with your audience. By using social bookmarking, you can schedule information in advance and save time.


Conserve and manage your resources

The ability to categorize and save content for later review is one advantage of social bookmarking websites. Marketers must keep track of the tools that advance their careers. It’s beneficial to use a website where you can keep these resources organized so you don’t lose important information.

Tag Content

You can “tag” stuff on most social bookmarking websites with “content,” so you can categorize it. You can “tag” a blog article about YouTube SEO techniques, for instance, “it as” YouTube and the content. Then, you have a section in your social bookmarking account marked with YouTube for when you want to check up on that item again or require resources for YouTube. This maintains the organization and accessibility of the resources you maintain.

Share Resources

Sharing content with your team through social bookmarking tools is another purpose for them. As a marketer, you can label material as “Social Media” so that your social media team can locate it if you come across an article regarding social media strategy. Each member of your team can routinely check in to find the materials they require if they have access to the social bookmarking website. Employees can use this to further their professional development while also teaching their coworkers new things.

Websites for social bookmarking might be a fantastic addition to any link-building plan. You can bookmark pages on your website using your profile. You shouldn’t, however, limit your site’s additions to bookmarks.

Use social bookmarking as usual to save various materials you come across while sprinkling a few posts from your website. social bookmarking can complement your present link-building approach, but it shouldn’t be your only one.

Boost Mentions

In addition to bookmarking articles on your website, you can use social bookmarking to link to articles or blog posts that reference your business. On the other hand, your social bookmarking profile ought to mix self-promotion with unbranded content.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Websites that allow social bookmarking can increase website visitors. Your post will appear in searches and draw visitors to your website if people bookmark it and vote for it.

You want other people to bookmark your content in addition to sharing your pieces on your social bookmarking profile. Users can bookmark your material with only a click on your blog if you provide social bookmarking buttons for that purpose.

#1. Pocket

Free, paid: optional services

You can store articles, videos, or stories from any newspaper or website using the social bookmarking service Pocket. It can annotate, highlight, and add notes to articles you’re reading with Pocket’s paid version.

You can pick up where you left off on Pocket, which is a special feature. You can return immediately to the part of the article you were reading before shutting out because your position is saved. Articles are kept in Pocket even if the website or item is removed. That article will still be in your database.

#2. Digg

Cost: Free

Science, technology, and current events-related articles can be found on the news aggregator website Digg. You have the option to share, bookmark, or like each story on social media. Additionally, you can share your articles with the community by publishing them on Digg. Digg also curates information based on popular stories so you can see what’s hot online.

#3. Pinterest

Cost: Free

A social media platform called Pinterest functions similarly to a social bookmarking website. To save items for later access, you can create boards and use the pinning feature. You could, for instance, create a “Wedding Hair” board and store pins you find for various hairstyles if you are getting married.

Users like Pinterest because they can store information and ideas for parties, events, recipes, and gifts. One distinctive feature of Pinterest is that they work directly with retailers, so you can buy the things you see straight through Pinterest.

#4. Mix

Cost: Free

You can save information on Mix, a social bookmarking website, for later. It curates material for your feed after you select your initial interests, such as travel, popular culture, or food.

You may also follow friends or coworkers to have their saved articles appear in your feed. Colleagues can share resources and check what books their peers recommend using this method. You can set up collections on your profile to categorize your saved posts.

#5. Scoop. it

Price: Free with optional premium services

A social bookmarking website called Scoop. focuses on finding and publishing material for both individuals and companies. Scoop. its relationship with businesses is a distinguishing trait.

Through, you may easily publish to your websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media. It will gather handpicked material from many WordPress sites for you. Employees can also privately share articles using the private hubs. Additionally, Scoop. will recommend material to you based on your prior interactions.

#6. Medium

Price: Free with optional premium services

You may publish and store posts to read later on Medium, an online publishing platform, and social bookmarking service. To customize your feed on Medium, you can favorite certain subjects, authors, and publications. You can clap for an article (just like you would a favorite) below it and learn more about the author and organization linked to it.

#7. Slashdot

Cost: Free

In that it is fashioned as a social news website, Slashdot is comparable to Reddit. It includes news articles on current affairs and covers the entertainment, science, and technology industries. Each tale is open to user comments and saving. Because tales are labeled, you can browse them and look for ones that relate to a particular subject.

There is a tonne of more possibilities to take into account in addition to these seven social bookmarking websites. 

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